Local change expert explores the future of work at national summit

Leading and managing human flourishing in an increasingly disruptive and digital workplace will be the focus of a key presentation during the National Local Government Workforce Summit at Tweed Heads on 13-15 November.

Change management specialist and CEO Winton Consulting, Clare Dunnicliff, is an invited panellist and presenter on The Future of Work event. She will join

With extensive experience guiding organisations in the public, not-for-profit and private sectors to adopt, adapt and respond to change, Ms Dunnicliff believes many are realising incorporating emerging technologies into traditional ways of working and doing business won’t be enough to drive prosperity and sustainability.

“Organisation systems are constantly shifting with new business models, technologies and changing expectations of and by the workforce and stakeholders,” Ms Dunnicliff explained.

“What won’t change is that we are social beings living in the digital era where our need for each other remains fundamental.

“We are hard wired to belong, and it is human connectedness that will always drive ingenuity, innovation and creativity.”

Ms Dunnicliff believes while the work focus has shifted away from our hands to our heads, the work of the heart cannot be automated. Organisations need to be thinking about how they will foster human flourishing in the future and this will be one of the greatest challenges ahead for leaders and managers.

“In the future, distinctions created between leadership and management will fade. Every manager will be a leader and every leader will possess management capability.”

“Organisations, whether private or government, are learning that simply incorporating emerging technologies into traditional ways of working and doing business won’t be enough to drive prosperity and sustainability. It is, and will continue to be, the intangible magic that happens when humans connect.”

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